Tamasyeah is a project initiated by Alfit dan Tita to live their passion in traveling. The goals are to present the endless beauty of Indonesia and collaborate it with another goal which is unite the traveler itself, because traveling is beyond just the nature and culture but also meeting new friends.

Bunch of people do traveling these days, but we are one hell of a great ride to make your journey to the most. We mean you're not only go to someplace, check-in, and upload the photo, but you also get the distinct experience, we'll give you something different to talk about and share. Also, we make travel lot easier for you by sharing information we know, so that you can't get fooled (like we were) and make your travel worthy even more.

Actually, you guys inspire us the most. We've read lots of blogs and heard bunch of unlucky experience while traveled, you know, bad luck meeting bad people. We hope that this Tamasyeah! can help you to organize, plan, and even travel more!

Reach us through tamasyeah@gmail.com or +6282112025400. We're really glad to know you!

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