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Asus  service center sites where  damage repairs are spread throughout Indonesia, especially in DKI Jakarta.

Asus offers different types of products, such as motherboards, mobile phones, laptops, PC towers, screens, networks and many more. Each purchase of a device is granted a different warranty, ranging from one to three years or more.

Each device has its own functions, and some display functions directly, such as a keyboard that displays letters and numbers. While there are also those that work as a brain or inside without viewing output or visual output.

Asus is a Taiwanese company that is now global and occupies a certain place among the Indonesian people. Many people have gone from a well-known smartphone brand to a Taiwanese brand by looking at specifications.

Tablets are also one of the electronic objects that also refresh asus’s list of products in the world. When there is a problem with your  tablet, you can visit  the Asus service center where the damage is repaired by different products with different price types and ranges.

Asus Service Center Distribution Site

Asus service center sites where damage repairs are spread throughout the archipelago.

In general, the phone number that can be contacted in each area is 128,1500 with the area code based on the area placed before pressing the first number. Each place has its own opening and closing hours, plus different days.

Call it Aceh, specifically in Banda Aceh, asus’ official service place site is on Jalan Pokot Barin, #57 B. While Bali also has Jalan Teoko Omar Barat #888D with opening hours from 09.30 to 17.00 Monday to Friday.

For urban areas, such as DKI Jakarta, there is more than one service place with different opening and closing hours. For phone numbers, they sometimes include a mobile phone number as a way to communicate privately with customers.

Java, such as Java West Java, East Java and Central Java also have more than one Asus damage repair service center for each area. Each has a different number, but integration remains one, i.e. to 128,1500.

Using online repair techniques

The advantage of using the Asus Service Center to damage  repair from unauthorized service places is access to participation in the online repair and supervision process.

In order to access this service , you need  to go to online customer service and follow some instructions.

If you don’t find a service site near your home  , you can check it directly from the official website.

Each area has many ports in different numbers, and there may be one city with only one port. Each site usually has an accessible number so you can confirm working hours before visiting the live site.

At the Asus service center where the damage is repaired, you can’t just repair one type of device, such as a laptop.  You can also bring a mobile phone, motherboards, keyboard, tablet or anything else as long as it comes from Asustek Computer Inc.

Various damages to motherboards

When a laptop, PC or anything similar has damage to the device, it is certainly not difficult to explain to the technician. However, this does not apply when some devices whose information is not expressed are damaged.

Take, for example, motherboards that are the link to the entire system in order to work properly for computer operations. Sometimes you need  to take this device to the Asus service center to repair the damage if you experience this:

  1. Hottest

There are many reasons why electronic devices overheat when used. This can be because it runs for too long or too heavy to run a particular operation. Usually when playing online games or other games, it leads to a warming mobile phone.

  1. IC Fire Component

This IC acts as a CPU controller with a very important role incomputer components.

  1. Raise CPU operating frequency and more

Raising this operating frequency is a side effect of adding power to different CPU components of the standard. It is usually very common for computer collectors to disassemble different components and replace them with more modern publications.

  1. Unstable electricity supply

The unstable source of electricity may indicate a very large or very small voltage. If they are too large, they have the ability to burn, and if they are too small, the motherboards will not work properly. Checking electric power is a wise thing to do.

The easiest symptom of the three things mentioned above is high temperature, people usually use a laptop fan if what is used is a laptop. Unfortunately for some cases, damage to the Asus service center repair site requires.

Tips for connecting with service providers

Some tips for those of you who want to use asus damage repair service,  pay attention to the following things:

  1. Find out where the real source of the damage is.  You can search many literature to make sure that the information provided to technicians is not just a bias, but is true.
  2. Ask them to examine in full, if it is feared that the explanation provided does not describe the damage as such.
  3. Set up repair costs with a range of Rs. 150,000 to other costs that you can  be sure to put first to the person concerned.
  4. Make sure the device to be repaired is still guaranteed or not. Because if it’s there, it’ll  really  help you reduce costs or it can be free at all.
  5. If you can’t explain in technical language, you can simply explain all the damage conditions, such as suddenly turning off, turning the screen black, not going out of sound, etc.
  6. Prepare yourself to deal with potential improvements longer than previously promised. This can happen if there are many components that need to be fixed in the middle of the repair that exceed initial expectations.

There are many reasons why people go to service sites and different considerations about why an official site is chosen, while many are informal. Asus Damage Repair Service Center  offers services not only service, but also warranty.

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