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Access the benefits of the latest features of link center and numbers 

Times are more advanced, and various transactions are performed through gags,  including  using the link center number.   In addition, times will be faster so that people can  get  an easy way  to make transactions to buy personal goods. This is  done  when  paying for daily necessities and work.

Daily necessities can be marketed for food products, clothing and  internet   supplies,  although  necessities such as employment taxes as a good citizen are of course important, and do not need to be used as a difficult activity because it can be easier to use the LinkAja program for payment transactions.

getting acquainted with the LinkAja program for transaction activities

In online transactions  , you may have been more familiar with Ovo  before  .  Even, it turns out that Linkaja  has similar features and  services  to  be an option  to pay for a variety of needs. So, if you use Ovo earlier but convert to Linkaja, you will have no difficulty accessing   all lists or features.

Please note that LinkAJA’s payment request is not from a private company or businessman but is entirely owned by a state-owned company (the government owns the company).  They  have been  handed over to  PET Fintech Caria Guzantara in terms of management  so they can compete with other services  such as Ovo, Gopai and Dana and

If you want to make a transaction and contact the  Linkaja Connection Center  for the first  time, you can  also  use Telkomsel products. This is because we have a management  between the Communications and  Payment  Servicing Service   .   About  these  two often about  the  products   about what  they are getting, about the products

In paying for various desired products, you certainly don’t need to use real  money.   You only need to raise the balance, and then when you want to sell  for  daily necessities or monthly  items, it can be done more simply.  In addition, another benefit of using this service is  that there are dozens of profitable promos.

Using a digital wallet is  more guaranteed  than paying for other necessities  such as wanting to play online as well as security and originality.  Especially if you don’t want to experience  loss  because you  choose an  incorrect  store when buying something.   If you would like  to use it, you must first hire and install it because this is an app.

Benefits and benefits of using linkaja connection center number

The first benefit  of using this app is getting several services, including basic services and full services.   For basic services, you can use  public payments such as credit or online purchases.    The balance amount was  too  limited , which was  only  20,000,000 .

You can ask linkaja call  center number  if there is a new addition to  the  basic service balance rate. At  the same time, for full service, in fact, in terms of function or use, it’s still the same thing.   but the difference between primary service and the full amount of balance that reaches 10,000,000,000

Both can still create balance additions or withdrawals  if used for more important purposes. So, if you don’t want to get money  from  savings, you can get an alternative by withdrawing the balance from other sources.   Of course, this path will  stabilize the amount of savings because it is not blocked.

If you want to get all services this way,  it is highly recommended to visit graber for your nearest location for the first time.   Then help if you don’t understand how to save, raise the balance   for how to use the funds.   You can even  obtain promos, if any,  in the form of a payment deduction or a merchant’s prize.

In terms of promos,  it is also recommended that you first contact the  LinkAja Contact Center number if you want to know how to get it.   For example, when we buy trust, we are often rewarded or deducted from profits. There  are certainly conditions for us to obey  so that promo  can be achieved correctly  .

Generally, items to obtain promos can only be done if you  have  already  dealt with  .   For example,  sending money or buying goods will certainly be  rewarded  immediately  in the form  of  promos and interesting prizes. This reward is very different, which, if you are lucky,  can get a big discount of up to 50%.

Latest Update Number of LinkAja Connection Center

Connecting to  LinkAJA customer service  is currently only at 150911 number, which is the only place to contact the company directly.   it  will then be served  by the administrator  as a customer service.   All questions and complaints can be addressed quickly and professionally  because cs are trained.

This  Linkaja contact  number will definitely be given according to the program you are using. To  avoid being  too expensive, try using area code only.     Later , local customs  will be  charged  so that the trust will not be cut too much  to  call   If  you feel  the  business is longer, it is allowed to increase confidence first.

If you have been successfully contacted, you will first be asked about personal data. So, you must first fill out the data as evidence that you are really a user of the program.   Generally, data is only in the form of an ID card or passport number that is useful in updating your latest data as a customer.

If you feel that the number of the LinkAJA contact center is not stable, just add complaints and questions through the  Question and  Answer feature on the main website.   You can contact the   main website  and  enter the  Question and Answer   feature  between users and administrators. This feature is too quick to answer questions so it is recommended.

Steps to record and how to top balance

If you already liked  using this program, you can immediately download and put it first.   You can download it through the Google Rank and App Store based on the  type of smart mobile phone used. Then, to save, enter only the program, and then save the phone number  so you can get an account PIN.

The next step is only to the top of the balance after which you can immediately perform the desired transaction.  However, you want to know about Promo or using the  feature, you can directly request  the LinkAja Connection Center.   They  understand better not to make mistakes when sending or paying transactions

In raising the balance itself, it can be done through many  media outlets, such as Grabari and Kiosk   in general,  through   which  people  raise  the balance but if you want to use other means, you can go  through  single-store stores where linkaja balance refill services   are available.  In general, the autoshop must have this service.

But if you’re found to  be  problematic or don’t want to see other people raising the balance, you can use the mode  of  transportation through an ATM.   Of course, it can be said  that it is the easiest and safest way because we only deal here ourselves   , and you don’t have to be afraid that your  personal  PIN  is being misused by  others.

At the same time,   if you want to pay  for a trader, you can actually use two different ways, namely taps and snaps. The tap will be done by searching for the  top  button  and then just  click to pay.   At the same time, Snap  is actually using the same, but the style is by scanned by Q-lane.

We already know how useful it is for ourselves to use this app in all personal needs transactions. So, it’s not surprising that you’ve suggested recording directly  and feeling  the benefits.   Especially if there is a problem, you can contact  the  LinkAJA contact center number directly that is ready to serve  users.

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