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BCA Bank Code and How to Transferto Bank Lain

Maybe some of you don’t know the BCA’s bank code. Bank Central Asia (BCA) is one of the largest banks in Indonesia. BCA Bank has a large number of customers in Indonesia. This way maybe you will often meet your co-workers or friends using a BCA account.

Therefore, maybe one day you will transfur the person using a BCA bank account. When you don’t have a BCA account, a unique code from the bca bank will be required. Atranquilbetween banks is very likely to often do so in the modern era like today.

For example, currently the online shopping trend is much loved in Indonesia. If you’re one of them, you’ll definitely often maketran sfur money to make payments. It is possible if you have to make an interbank transfer because none of the existing payment methods are through the bank you have.

The bank code will be used to identify the transactions made by each bank. To make an interbank transfer, you just need to know the destination bank code. For example, you have an independent bank account, but you will make a transfer to a BCA bank then you need a BCA bank code

In the money trenches from banks there are several ways that can be used. To make a transfer, you can use an ATM machine, SMS banking, or internet banking. One that is often used is through ATM machines. ATM machines are currently widely available at various locations, for example shopping malls and other public places.

Transfer Code from Another Bank to BCA Bank

As mentioned earlier, when you are going to make an interbank transfer you need a code from the destination bank. So when you want to make a transfer from another bank to a BCA bank, you have to prepare a BCA bank code. For the bank transfer code bca, it’s 014. Bank codes are   usually three digits in number.

For those of you who will make interbank transfers, you should first prepare the destination bank code. This is so that there is no disruption when a transfer is made. In fact, if you make an interbank transfer through an ATM machine , there is information about banking codes available. But it would be nice if you knew it from home before leaving.

Checking the bank code in the ATM machine will make the necessary process for the transfer a little long. Although sometimes there are a lot of people waiting in line. So you should not use an ATM machine for too long. To transfer between banks, you just need to add the destination bank code to the account number. In addition to the use of atm machines, interbank transfers can also be made through internet banking and sms banking.

How to Find Out BCA Bank Code Through ATM Machine

Maybe you don’t have time to check before you get to the ATM machine, you can do it in the ATM machine. Then select a language, then enter your account’s secret code or password.

After that, another transaction menu will appear, select other transactions then select the transfer. If you then selected the online interbank, you will be asked to fill in the bank code along with the account number. In the lower right corner, there is usually a menu option to list bank codes. Just tap on the list of banking codes, then a list of bank codes will be displayed throughout Indonesia.

Because there are many banks in Indonesia, making a list will be displayed in several pages. So if you haven’t found the BCA bank code on the first page of the next click, then a list of bank codes will appear next. If you found that you should only remember, then select the menu enter the account number.



How to Transfer from Another Bank to BCA Bank Using atm machine

First, please visit the nearest ATM machine to live from.  The next step is to insert the ATM card and also the ATM pin. Make sure if your balance is enough before making a shipment. Because you will later be charged an additional fee when making an interbank transfer. The transfer fee policy depends on the policy of the respective bank. So there is a possibility of different banks from one to the other.

After that, select the menu transaksi lainnya, then select transfer then select menu antar bank online. Then on the screen you will be asked to enter the destination bank code and account number. Because in this case you will transfer to the BCA k ban, you must enter the BCA bank code.

For example, if the destination account number is 1234567890 you need to add the code 014 in front of it. In order to become 0141234567890, then select the right menu. Thereafter you will be asked to enter noreference mor trans. However, this reference number is only optional so that it can be left blank.

Subsequently enter the nominal cash to be transferred. Make sure that if the furof the nominal tran s is correct, because when it has been transcendedfur it cannot be remembered. If you wish to withdraw you must ask the recipient to transfer back. If the face value is confirmed appropriate, select the correct menu.

The screen displays information about the recipient such as the destination account number, destination bank, recipient’s name, and amount to be transferred. Make sure the information displayed is in accordance with the purpose of the transfer. If it is inappropriate then an error occurs when entering the bank code or destination account number.

If the information on the screen is correct, please confirm by selecting correct. Then the ATM machine will issue a transfer proof receipt and this means that the transfer has been carried out successfully. For more than that, don’t forget to take the ATM card back after making a transaction in the ATM machine.

Interbank Transfer Facility

The existence of interbank transfer services clearly provides many benefits. Just imagine if there’s no way you have to have a lot of ATM cards to meet your needs in transactions. This is because there are so many banks in Indonesia. Yourarely want to make payments to other banks.

Using transfers you can make payments easily. For example, the payment of employees’ salaries. Using the transfer of payment of employees’ salaries is also more secure. Since when a transfer is made, there should be proof of transfer.

In addition, the bank transfur will make you buy easily. Now where there are so many online stores, you can buy from home. You don’t have to come to the store directly when you’re going to buy.  Online stores usually make use of transfers as a payment method.

Usually the bank accounts that are owned by online stores are different. With your interbank transfer you don’t have to have an account from the same bank as the online store. So you can shop freely in any store. You just need to know the destination bank code. So if the oneline store that is a place to buy uses a BCA bank account, you only need to know the BCA bank code to make a payment.

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