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JNE Call Center, Number and Service Records

Information  about  the JNE Call Center can be found very much when sending or receiving goods using JNE, but the goods may not arrive. JNE is one of the widely used delivery services as an option so far.

Of course, being able to make deliveries on time through low package prices is part of the reason why so far JNE still has so many loyal users when there are so many similar services on the market.

So far, JNE has become one of the many choices of leading delivery services in Indonesia. JNE has hundreds of offices, even across Indonesia, and even in several cities. JNE is constantly expanding its network.

JNE service has also experienced the development since the establishment of the company, and JNE not only provides the delivery of goods in the regular period, but also provides other delivery services from express to service at economical prices. To improve customer service, JNE also has a JNE call center  ready to help you  .

JNE Delivery Service Overview

JNE is the largest freight forwarding company and today already has thousands of agents. Thousands of such agents are spread throughout Indonesia. Unlike other shipping services that have minimum requirements for the weight of goods, JNE has no minimum restrictions on goods. Founded in 1990, JNE began its activities with 8 employees.

JNE’s initial capital was $100 billion, and initially the company only handled import and export activities such as importing goods, documents, and customs shipments. Deliveries are also made from overseas to domestic.

After a year of establishment, JNE finally began to expand its roots internationally, joined the Association of Courier Companies, and finally experienced a very rapid development, with JNE focusing on the domestic market. In 2002, JNE purchased the building for its headquarters.

As the services provided by JNE are also increasing, JNE call centers are becoming more and more congested and can not only send regular REG packages, but also send regular REG packages. Various services owned by JNE, such as express, super-high-speed. Yes, OKE, JNE loyalty cards, wire transfers, JNE pickup, land transportation, sea transportation, JNE logistics, warehouses and many others.

When other companies experienced growth of 10% annually, JNE was able to experience growth of up to 20%. This is also due to the various methods and innovations owned by JNE, the available media to monitor goods, the goods have transportation insurance for the presence of a ball pick-up  method.

JNE Call Center Phone Number

Call centers are a very large and important service, and call centers are also the communication media that connects businesses and consumers.  The same goes for call centers owned by JNE. Unlike other companies, JNE offers a very fast and responsive call center service.

This call center service is provided to assist you with your convenience. Even when you’re overseas, you can contact JNE’s call center services anytime, anywhere, when you need them. This call center service isn’t  just for loyal JNE consumers.

This call center service is aimed at potential consumers who want to know more about JNE services, so make a good note of the JNE call center as contacting the call center  before coming to the JNE branch is the most appropriate step.

JNE Customer Service is located 29278888 (021). JNE’s office number is (021) 566 5262 and fax (021) is 5671413. You can also contact JNE via email in customercare@jne.co.id, so choose the easiest way to contact the JNE service.

In addition to having a call center number, JNE also has a customer service center to help you resolve your issue.   You can ask Johnny  and pass on the complaints he has experienced. He will respond to your complaints quickly and quickly later.

In addition to the call center, if you want to inquire about package issues, you can call the JNE office for your region or city. In general, you can get clarity on whether you can take the package or solve any problems related to the package of goods.

Services provided by JNE Call Center

As with any company’s call center, there are many different kinds of services and complaints that can be communicated through this call center. First, the call center provides reservations for the pick-up of the goods. If you wish to send the goods via JNE and the courier will pick up the goods, you can schedule a pick-up through the call center.

If you want to know the product information and services owned by JNE, you can contact the JNE Call Center  directly, and later explain all the products and services owned by the customer service and adjust them to your current needs.

Third, find the shipping fee information. Before sending the goods, we will definitely find out that you need to pay the shipping fee, so there is no miscalculation, you can ask directly from the call center, especially if the item is a large package and will be calculated according to the proper volume.

Fourth, check the shipment status. In fact, you can now easily track packages that are sent online, but sometimes the tracking causes delays in updates, so you can contact the call center and ask for clarification on where the last package was.

Finally, for the filing of complaints and claims. If you use one of the services but the package doesn’t arrive, you can  complain, so you can later deliver the package first so that you can arrive at the delivery destination location faster. You can also submit a claim if you need to take out insurance if the package is lost.

Tips for calling the JNE Call Center

JNE has a lot of customers, so sometimes the call center is busy and you have to wait a long time. To prevent this from happening, here are some tips you can do. First, avoid contact during peak hours. Get in touch in the morning to avoid contact during office breaks.

Second, make sure you have enough credit. If you use your phone to make a call, double-check that you have enough credit limit. This method is intended to make sure that you don’t disconnect from the phone, and  you will have to explain it again from the beginning, especially if you want to lodge a complaint about the goods in the JNE Call Center.

Third, record the receipt. Do not call the call center directly to file a complaint or check the status of the delivery of the goods. You can record the receipt first and then contact the call center. This is done so that a lot of time is not wasted.

Cases involving the delivery of goods are immediately followed up by JNE Customer Service, so you don’t have to worry if your package doesn’t arrive or if you want to file an insurance claim. As long as all the procedures are done correctly, the JNE Call Center will definitely help you happy.

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