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LPSE West Java History, Key Obligations and Activities

Do you ever use LPSE West Java services?   Like other similar services in the State, this institution serves technology and information management. This is done to facilitate the implementation of our products and services using an electronic process.

THE LPSE itself stands for electronic Procurement Service. In this case you are getting procurement officers in charge of institutional andregional entities that do not have an electronic form of LPSE. In addition to facilitating these authorities, it also serves asa regression equation for commodity providers and p exists in the locale.

 LPSE West Java

There have been several significant events in the foundation of the institution. Interested in finding out about something? That’s right, in 2009, the West Java regional Government apparently decided to make repairs or changes to the SOTK or Government Association Structure of the West Java Region.

Some changes have been made and one of them is the establishment of a new chapter. it is the LPSE of Western Java.   The new acquisitions segment is definitely a combination of the Procurement Services Division and LPSE. In fact this decision was taken in accordance with the report of Korsupgah and the deputy deterrent of KPK.

During this period, the establishment of such chapters was also unanimously agreed upon. Finally, the West Java Regional Government officially owned an LPSE unit and was passed in accordance with the applicable laws concerning the formation of lpSE in the local lignkungan, to be precise, Act No. 112 of 2018.

The office is currently under the aide of economics and development. That department has important work to carry out the procurement of goods and services. This is done throughk oordination services. In this case, the new unit will provide joint services to all the villages belonging to the West Java Regional Government.

The unit also has large partners who easily do its job. Some partners operating with it include LKPP or the Government Procurement Policy Institute. Other partners are INAPROC and the Legal Documentation and Information Network/JDiH of the West Java Regional Government.

 LPSE West Java

So, what about the activities that serve the unit? The chapter has a lot of work to do. Among the tasks that need to be carried out is the coordination of the activities being implemented on regional platforms. They are also responsible for carrying out administrative services through the sale of goods and services.

Managing goods and services includes electronic management, regional administration advocacy i, to carry out assistance in accordance with their work. Decocentration is also one of the main tasks they perform. Not only is it, the West Java LPSE  department  must also make public policies and administrative coordinates.

If more detail, chapters in this field have several important fungsi including:

  1. Business office administration services and products

Then, the LPSE’s task is to run the procurement office of goods and services. This must be done by the employee in accordance with the conditions of their work.

  1. Organizing public policy frameworks

 Lpse in the West Java Region  also acts as an organizer in terms of administrative coordination, guidance, supervision, public policy setting, to control the sale of goods and services.

  1. Assessment

The chapter also has a function in making an assessment. It follows that the notification of the implementation of operations and procurement of goods and services must also be carried out correctly.

  1. other activities

As well as the above three tasks, the unit has its task of carrying out tasks. The execution of the tasks summarized herein is that the other functions are undertaken in accordance with their main tasks and duties.

The establishment of the LPSE in this case is proof to the government. The West Java regional administration against this issue is so great that the realization of the implementation of the activities has been done to better integrate it. Therefore, the goal of increasing the quality, performance, and quality of the task will proceed smoothly without any obstacles hindering it.

Legal Basis for making LPSE

What is the basis of LPSE in West Java Region?   In fact, a procurement and potential sector was established so that all of the duties and obligations on it could be fulfilled in order to carry out full responsibility. The LPSE of each state government has its own legal background.

The legal foundations of terare then applied to the basis of its foundation. There is a foundation that actually forms the basis of the foundation of a very important institution.   These include:

  1. Improving the quality of human resources

One of the foundings of this institution was established to further improve the quality of human resources. With this entity, everything can be simplified in an electronic way. As a result, humans can also participate in the promotion of their skills.

  1. Increasing the social position

The origin of other West Java LPSE  services  is that the community plays an additional role in the development aspect.   Not only that, the general media in this case is also very much needed to participate in the development.

  1. Technology media development

In a world that has now advanced, the technology has to be really improved. The existence of LPSE is also based on technological advances. This is done to support the cultural preservation of economic growth in Indonesia.

  1. More excellent use of technology

The use of technology should be done as best as possible. Getting the job done with mature technology that’s right for anything will make it easier. This is one of the foundations of this institution.

  1. Technology empowerment

In this case, the establishment of  the Western Java Region LPSE is also aimed at making the technology empowerment much better. If technology is well-powered, then the useful effectiveness of the performance of the work being done will be achieved easily and smoothly.

2  Lpse Related Species

In order to improve the services provided to the community, this institution is divided into several types. The two types associated with these types of entities are listed below:

  1. LPSE Service Provider

One of the types of LPSE is this unit. Among the institutions owned by this agency is the person responsible for the service of the users. There is also a chairman from the government, the audit and registration department, the community and training.   Everything is organized as much as possibleto create an environment for better work

  1. Bixiyaha LPSE System

Unlike the service provider, the agency is much more likely to be nightly. This is because it has its own website title. Thus, they are responsible for managing the database with their own tasks in the conduct of other tasks.

For example, the system service provider will socialize the purchase of goods and services, conduct training, provideani, and verify some data. The data that needs to be verified is often from the operations, SIUP, KTP, to the permission how they appear in their respective regions.

Server management is also carried out by the two types described above. In this case, LPSE is actually much needed because the electronic procurement of commodities is clearly making everything easier. It’s just not that, but it’s going to be very clear.

The implementation of the work will be easy, and with more accountability, the implementation of government expenditures will be easily achieved. All are performed in activities and activities in accordance with those set by the West Java LPSE.

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