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Now don’t  leave  the latest cable TV shows to be  subscribed by    registration at  television call centers; television is one of the most  popular pay  television services  today. We  show  all family members on quality shows.   Image  quality with a reliable  network is  not in doubt.

IndoVision is  one of   the  best paid television services presented by MNC Vision Inc  . for  Indonesian families.This   pay television  service   provides  quality  entertainment package   viewing packages  It  not  only offers  the best views but  also ensures high  quality.

Indvision is  provided  both nationally and     internationally  with a variety of quality   entertainment scenes,  with dozens of quality  channels and  multiple  premium channels to satisfy all its subscribers.       We  have Comey    Temers  to provide  quality and excellent  entertainment  for  all family members from children’s educational shows to  exciting entertainment  shows  for many.

In 2021,  Vision  provided  a variety of attractive baggage for all Indonesian  families . You can teach all members of the family the best impressions at a very expensive package price . If you  would like  to build this latest package, contact  Watson  immediately (021) 21 500,900 900 (021) 21,900 900  or number 089622600503  .

ndovision   offers the latest package 2021 for all customers  .  Some of them are as follows:

 New family package offered by Indovision

The  NN  Family package  comes as the latest subscription  package  offered  by  Indovision for all  its  customers.This package is  RP95 Six months of subscription is    offered at a cost of 0,0  ,  but the  customer pays only Rp.100,100,000 for a whole year    Subscriptions can be more economic.

The new      family    package is  a suitable package for all family members, which  meets  all the  needs of  family members       from children to parents.   Here  are   five lines  of 5th Lines  (HD) that you can enjoy free  of charge.

The full package is  available  in   4 packaging categories named children, entertainment, knowledge and  films. The kids package features  a  variety of exciting entertainment shows   as well as  a  variety of educational shows for children  .   So I am committed not only to providing entertainment  , but also to educating, the  best shows for all generations  of the country.

By buying not only the above categories, but also this new family package, you can fly the local MNC Channel for free and internationally for free and other excellent line The visual call center  offers more  attractive  benefits if customers pay in  advance payment method.

New Aser Package that can be used as an option

For those who want a full package but have to pay a cheaper subscription, this new starter package may be the right choice. For  six months of fees,  customers  will only be  charged a fee of 800,000 RP. But if  you  subscribe for  1 year Rp. Only 900,000,000 need to be subscribed Jehovah’s Witnesses

The package is    supported by 46   premium channels and 3 additional high-definition lines  .   There  are four categories of entertainment, knowledge, and films  ,  as well as local airlines, international, MNC channels  , and others   . There are  also  various free channels as well as dozens of  selected channels.

Please      contact  your city’s nearest visual call center  to  subscribe to the new trigger package.  Not only do they eat but they also provide educational exhibitions  for children.  In comparison,  it’s better   for kids to  watch shows in this category of specific kids.

You and your whole  family can enjoy  quality shows   for  a full six months without conditions; in the   midst of an epidemic that requires activities at home,  this scene can be a fun performance  for all members of Kiluaga.  In addition to fun entertainment, you can also get an education.

presented channels and a new Top  Vision Package

The Television Call Center also     offers the final package in 2021 via the top visual package.This package It is offered at a subscription fee of 650,0 RP650,0 for  6 months.  After 6  months, customers are RP. The package could be extended at a price of 35,0  .

By subscribing  to the top new visual package, you can enjoy 46  excellent channels  and hundreds of truly interesting and interesting  free  lines.  By paying 650,000 packages, mechanical status  becomes customer property as well as a 6-month warranty.

The top new  Vision packages will receive MNC channels, freedom to broadcast local and international shows  and   also a number  of  other free  premium channels.No need to worry if you want to subscribe to an      additional    package    Yes, it is.

Everyone can enjoy this kind of package at this  cost  : instead of  watching conventional television shows, they show    a lot of  low quality shows  Instead,  subscribing to this package may be the best solution.   you can get prices.

 Possibly the best choice, Jawara Vision Package

Another of   the latest subscription packages offered by the Indovision Call Center  is  the  Visual Champion Package.  This is the  best choice  for those who want to subscribe to Indovision for life.  by registering 1,200,200,200,000,000           It shows that he is permanently active.

Jawara  Vision is  a  service package from  MNC Vision where  customers are given  the full Samsung HD Data Key New devices  are being offered for purchase.With  this device, customers pay no more monthly fees   as  MNC Vision Free air shows can be enjoyed locally and internationally   .  not only that  MNC Channel shows  can also  be   enjoyed free for  1 year for 1 year free for   full year 1 by  subscribing to this package.

If   you  want  additional impressions, customers  of the Jawara Vision package can upgrade other packages.  To  take, you need  the nearest visual call center in your city.  Then, our team does not have  to upgrade the basic package again.    Duck Will  will come directly  to  your home  to upgrade the  package.

During an epidemic  like today ,  all family members spend more time at home , providing quality satisfaction and happiness so as not to get bored Giving is a key; one way  is to use  paid television on television, because it provides  quality and educational shows  for all members of the family.  (  021) 21,500 900 or 08962260050 08962260050.

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