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Lenovo Seva Kendra Update 2021

You are one of the brands. There are  many  service centers   in the  country where customers will be able to build maximum service. I’m going to get rid of it.

The two   smartphones, the laptop and various other electronic products are divided. Of course, all the production at the Tapai Seva Kendra will be able to grow properly. The first Kurakani garn with the Tar Seva Kendra is certain so that the heat does not take a wrong step.

Ahilesam, there are 5 sabaibhanda effective tariqaharu chhanjun tapai where   the contact can be reached at the centre tomorrow. APonly in those ways. C. Markle Talka Budahruma fully interpreted as:

Communication to service centers through email

The first time the tapai was to connect the service center to the people  through the email. Through email, the Kurakani gurn, this method is saved.  You can use a smartphone or a smartphone.

So, of course,  the service center is contacted through the email, the steps are lost, the information will be received, the  steps can be followed by the tapay talka:

  1. Afno Smartphone or Browserma Email OpenNuhos
  2. Lenobho_indonesia@Lenobhoma S.C. Lenobhoko Kanuni Theganaco with
  3. Theme column quote without “Tapainko  Name – Production Type” Framework Bharnuhos
  4. The first tapainco  bio-data entered  on the emailco content, the name of the birth, the place of birth, thegana, the tapainco lenovo smartphone / smartphone. Problems with  the type of lifestyle, experience
  5. Submit Click Garnuhos

Service Center Tolile Pach tapainlai  contact nagaresam parkhanuhos. Generally, the week of haru is 1×24 hours a day. If you  are on a holiday, see that the government does not get the hot job on the day of work. The tape has received the email, the steps of the laptop, the steps of the heat, the heat of the image  is given to the old line.

Telephone link to service centres

The government has access to the  service center  through telephone lines. The method is pani gahro chhain. If you actually have a service center in the area before,  then the service center number in the area can be connected to the border.

However, if the official service centers in  the  area are left,  then the central service center office number +62 21 3002 1000 can be contacted. He will be directed by taking steps to  tapain the center of Lenobho. The toll free service can be availed on 007-803-3315-108.

On the basis of the standard credit service, the number 021-5085-1755 will be available. I can contact the   official office at 8:30 pm WIB on Friday, 8:30 pm. That’s  what the  think-page user is like.

Connectivity to service centre through Medsos

There should be social network through contact at yes service center. Recently, the official social media account  holder will provide free contact with the  work  during  the time.

If you  are a Twitter user  ,  you can go to the  twitter@Lenobho_ID and go   through the Indonosia account  .

Also  , tapayle instagram@lenobho  idma lenovo indonesia instagram account can provide service center tolii.

As many as #6221 50851766 will be able to connect with the Service Center on WhatsApp. It will set up a service centre for the construction of the tapailin number, tolisang sidhai kurakani governance .

Contact with service center through LAB

In addition to the three methods mentioned here, the Tapai Lenobho Seva Kendra  tolisang Service  Station provides some of the old Lenobhole Afno websites. Access to the https://, tapai https://  the official lenovo website, go to the .com, then click on the contact menu. Bottom, just click the lybh chyt option garnuhos.

Tapai turuntai is on a new page where tapai  yasma leobho tolisang chaet garn saknuhune. The bus is not required and the problem is the right to arrange the facility. The problem is directed to be solved directly by the third.

At the service centre

If the soil is satisfied with  the law, then spread from different regions of the country, the service center will be located in the haruma border and it will be possible. It is only in the city, this service center is accessible to the inaccessible area.

There is evidence that the consumers of the country will  provide the haru service. Tap,  Tapai Tal Seva Kendras Haruko List Horn Saknuhunch:

  1. Service Center Lenovho Jakarta
  • Partner Name: PT. Interdata Technology Success

Address: Komplek Tamanan Indah Plaza de Lumina Blok A No. 19, Duri Kosambi, Sengkareng.

Phone: 021-29030728

  • Nama Partner: Lenovo Smartphone Service Centre

Thegana: Mal Ambassador Mbasador Mal Lieutenant 2 Block B No. 37, Jakarta

Phone: 021-5762539

  • Nama Partner: Lenovo Smartphone Service Centre

Thegana: Roxy Mas ITC Roxy Mas Lieutenant 4 No. 18, JL Kyai Hasim Ashari, Central Jakarta.

Phone: 021-6319647

  • Partner Name: Pyasiphik Agung Trijaya

A.L. Amat: Komplex Gading Bukit Indah Blok TA 10-11, Jalan Gading Bukit Raya, Jakarta

Phone: 021-29450966

  1. – Lenovo West Java Service Center

2.1.      Name to partner: Lenovo Serbhis Centre Bandung (Primalyan)

Thegana: Wait Pascal Hypersquare Blok C26

Phone: 0271-729911

2.2       . Name to Partner: ITSC Bondung

Thegana: Wait Triangle Mass Block A3

Phone: 022-91139756

2.3       . Nama Partner: IBM On’s Comp

Address: JL Pagongan No. 120, Sirebon

Phone: 0231-226612

2.4.      Partner Name: Lenovo Service Center Cyrebon

Address : Jalan Kesambi Baru RW.05 No. 28

Phone: 0231-231384

  1. Lenovo Central Jabha Sarbhis Centre

3.1       . Nama Partner: Lenovo Smartphone Service Centre

Address : Wait Citraland Blok B No. 11, Jalan Cipelem Raya, Tegal

Phone: 0283-340909

3.2.      Partner Name: ITSC Parvocurto Indocom

Almat: Ruko Satria Plaza Block A No. 1, Jalan Jend Sudirman, Purwocarto

Phone : 0281-621700

3.3       . Nama Partner: Lenovo Smartphone Service Centre

Address : Jalan Overstay Isdiman 17B, Purvocarto/Shutterstock J.L. Perintis Camerdecan No. 30B, Gandasuli, Purvocarto

Phone: 0281-6512451

3.4.      Partner Name: Lenovo Seva Kendra Semarang (Primelion)

Address: Wait Peterongan Plaza Block A-10, Jalan MT. Hariono No.719, Vonodri, Semarang

Phone: 024-8413250


  1. Service Centre Lenobho Yogyakarta

4.1       . Nama Partner: Lenovo Smartphone Service Centre

Address: Ramai Shopping Mall Lt. 2 No. A26, Jalan Ahmed i.e. No. 73, Yogyakarta

Phone: 0274-557015

4.2.      Partner Name: Primelion Yogyakarta (DataScript)

Address: Wait Niaga, Jalan Gajah Mada No. 21 23, Pakualman

Phone : 0274 510737

4.3       . Name to Partner: Lenovo Service Center Eligibility (Prime Lion)

Address: Wait Yap Square Blok B8, Jalan C.

Phone: 0274-3159220

  1. Lenovo East Jabha Seva Kendra

5.1.      Partner Name: Primelion Madiun

Address : Jalan S. Parman No.38F, Oro-Oro Ombo, Cartoharzo, Madiun

Phone: 0351 500155

5.2       . Nama Partner: Lenovo Smartphone Service Centre

Address : Mastek Blok F11 (Maspian Square), JLA i.e. 78, Surabaya

Phone : 031-8477889

5.3.      Partner Name: Plaza Bitcom

Address : Jalan PB Sudirman No.60, Patrang, Jember

Phone: 0331-481822

Other service centers are to be sent to the official website  https://support can be  accessed  by putting a green leaf, taping  the  details  about haru. All  the lenobho service centres  are clearly listed  as  well as official and  recognized by Lenobho Indonesia.

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