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Batik Air call centre can be contacted for 24 hours

The Bartick Air Call Center is a service that helps customers get information or file complaints.Technology Development encourages an industry It allows it to build good communications with its customers, and improved services add even higher quality to airlines.

Through the call center, customers can make calls for a variety of purposes.Customers have information about the service the airline receives You can request it or file a complaint about the service received by the airline.This communication of services provided for later evaluation The interaction could be available to the airline.

Call centre staff play an important role in building good communication with customers.They play an important role as well as the route of the aircraft area Geography must have adequate knowledge in the geographical area that goes into the time zone; the aircraft and the time zone branch must be understood by staff.

Not there at all: Staff have learned of the airline and other services offered by the airline.Staff flight starting at price Learn more about the ticket, how to book, how to cancel the ticket and how to change the departure arrangement Yes, it is.

The most important thing call centre staff need to master is good communication skills. Requests or complaints must be understood; they must also provide information or solutions in an appropriate, effective and effective conversation.

Staff-owned communication skills  will make customers feel satisfied after taking a call with  the Batiste Air call centre. because customers complain If staff’s communication skills are poor, it will disappoint customers.

About Batik Airlines

Bartick Air is a subsidiary of private airline Airbus. The facility operates in the full service category.2 The first route running was from Jakarta to Manado and Balikpan on May 3, 1913.

Bartick Air was formed by Lion Air because it could not support the increase in passenger additions. so the company holds a new airline  The company brought five Boeing 737 aircraft to the new airline to cope with the increasing number of passengers.

The airline has flight routes to 59 destinations both abroad and abroad. From Vietnam to Saudi Arabia in foreign fields, including Malaysia and Singapore.

Initially, only ten Boeing 737-900E aircraft were operated, and so far 74 aircraft have operated. Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900ER, Boeing 737-900ER, Boeing 737-8 and Boeing 737-9.

Although it has the status of a subsidiary company, the facilities provided are no less competitive than the parent company.One of the facilities is The Bartic Airlines Call Center, which can locate customer complaints and provide solutions to them, can also send customers information.

Services Supported by Batik Air

Batik Air is designated as an outstanding airline, which has won many awards like the ISSA. In the rate sector, this award was presented by IATA in January 2016.

Another prize is the ISO standard: ISO 9001:2005 License as the best delay management airline As a private airline, this award proves to be the best management, and not all private airlines will be able to receive this award.

In addition to winning awards, it has a number of benefits in the services it offers. Airbus offers a variety of facilities with business and business courses The airline has television surfaces, snacks and extensive luggage, which is offered at lower prices.

According to buildings and infrastructure, this airline has an independent maintenance center called Batam Aero Technic. It also provides housing for its employees up to the crew. Although it has only a private company’s status, Baptiste Air can provide a variety of facilities.

Betty Airlines continues to build facilities that support the aviation industry: these are training facilities, hotels and plazas. A delivery service has also been created under the name Lion Purcell.Airbus continues to make improvements and construction of facilities to improve services.

Baptiste air makes a difference with Baptiste air that is relatively commonly involved in crashes.This airline is the moon compared to the parent company There are so many customers because it’s safe: the Bartick Air Call Centre is one of the services created to build good relationships with customers.

How to connect with the Batik Air Call Center

The Bartick Call Center can be contacted in a variety of ways; one of them must go directly to the headquarters; the office is located in Batik Air Traffic Control Office, Lion Wind Tower, JelGaja Mada No.7 Central Jakarta.

In addition to being able to reach the headquarters office, you can also contact the Baptist Air Call Center by email, social media or phone number. The telephone number of headquarters is 080 417 8899 and 021-6379 8000.

In addition to the headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A., the number of telephone numbers may be searched if you do not want to come to the office at each branch office. The airline’s branches have spread almost throughout Indonesia, making it easy to locate the branch office.

The customer is overseas but can also contact the Baptiste Air Call Center. Customers can still request information or file a complaint about the airline’s service. These benefits are convenient for customers.

What Matters About Batik Air Call Center

There are many things to note about  the Bat iK Air Center: First, the service is indebted, which means you have to owe your phone before calling the call center. If you don’t have a debt, you can make phone calls via line.

The Bartic Air Call Centre is available within 24 hours and on holidays. You can operate by phone if you need information or if you want to complain outside of working hours.

You pay for flight prices, certain dates or dates, flight paths, how to pay for flight tickets, departure K You can contact the Baptiste Air Call Center to get information on how to change the moon and how to cancel plane tickets.

In addition to getting the information, customers can file  complaints to  the Bartic Air call centre.Complaints generally lodged are high ticket prices Rates, booking tickets difficulties, problem delays, difficulties changing departure arrangements to ticket cancellations.

Customers can request information via the call center. In addition, customers can also submit complaints about services received by the airline. Customers can contact the Baptist air call  center and then get a solution. Staff will provide a quick and friendly response.

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