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A shared service center or often abbreviated SSC is a service that divides activities or shared material to overcome restrictions that both take away the wealth of both companies and technology. It is claimed that such services are services that are being shared with other corporate lines so that they do not feel the urge that additional expenses are being spent on expenses to be able to have their own service line.

Such services can be said to be mandatory services, which must be owned by companies, if they want to optimize, how the company performs. Even the government itself has implemented a system like this in which state-owned companies are able to maximize how businesses are without having to spend on expensive maintenance costs.

For ordinary people, many of them may not be too educated and know to be sure what a service like this is meant for, because saving money is not easy to learn from this service.

Simple Description of Service Center Shared Services

Because many reports have been reporting that a shared service or SSC is a form of service to be able to improve their capabilities in a company, knowledge is needed to know to know to know what a SSC is. This is because there are a lot of problems, especially for companies. Sebab if you can implement such a service in the company then of course it will bring profit to the company to make it even better.

In short, a shared service facility is a part of a service’s services or activities to overcome the limitations of wealth. Because using this idea will create a burden on the company that should be formed to be able to further refine the target at a cost of as little as possible. This is because they don’t have to buy techniques or other supporting material with money for it can be done through SSC.

Using this concept really has the sole goal of reducing the costs to the parties operating the company and can improve the reliability of the company’s services. Because organizers and shared services representatives will always provide oversight of the smooth running of services provided by leadership by a number of experts in their sector.

It can then be concluded that SSCda is a unit or representative of a company that provides service services and is able to divide its use to divide all the practical parts of the company.

Main Benefits of Using a  Shared Service Center

Even when one realizes the benefits and benefits that can be obtained through the concept of service, it makes it so that some business entities choose to implement or implement this concept. Some examples include SOEs such as SOEs and PT Pertamina which are among Indonesia’s biggest competitors and implement joint service centers. Of course, they are aware of some of the benefits of this shared service.

One of the advantages of using the shared service concept is a way in which it is able to reduce the costs that must be incurred, because it can continue to optimize the company’s performance with costs at much more efficient costs. To use this service, it will in fact be able to improve the management of the business operations of the company. As a result, the company does not need  to allocate very  large-scale  funding  solely to  the equipment being put in.

It feels like enhancing the reliability of the company is definitely a much more value increase if it has implemented the joint services. If you feel the benefits like this, of course, it will be very beneficial for the company because in the end this will have a focus according to customer satisfaction.

Another benefit of the benefit is that it can be used as support for decision making. As a shared service is being used, it turns out that the data submitted and analyzed in it becomes reliable data and is ready to be implemented.

A Simple Example of Implementing a Shared Service Center

There are probably so far many of you who are unsure what the SSC is. This is natural because the majority of people who recognize this term are those who work in the company’s sectors, especially in corporate development. To know how the concept of a service like this is, a real example is needed to explain the service.

I’ll take a simple picture that can now be an example of how to implement this idea. One is a company like a post office that has begun implementing joint services. This company uses those services to be able to develop and manage HR, accounting, and asset operations.

Before you use this service, every post office actually uses a system of support work for each department. Examples include the financial sector, HR and others. However, as the concept of this service is being implemented, not every post office from the post needs to have these categories because it can be classified by specific methods based in some states to provide the same service to open several post offices.

That’s why not all post offices now need a distribution of support as described above to make the company able to reduce costs out of operations and reduce the number of employees. Cost-cutting costs for workers can be allocated towards commercial economy such as efforts to deliver goods or to reverse the product. So this results in the company being able to perform actively and proactively without incurring too much expense.

Obstacles to the implementation of Joint Service Centers for Enterprises

Although it is commonly known that such services can provide tangible benefits and qualifications to companies, but unfortunately there are still many companies that are unable to implement or implement shared service centers due  to challenges or challenges.

One of the biggest obstacles to preventing the company if it wants to implement other services including the above, of course, is to be able to change or reorganize the governance structure. Also, the company should also be able to assess how managing human labor and resources can be in line with the targets of achieving the company’s goals.

Therefore, in order for the company to focus on the issues to be decided, in order to succeed the company when using or implementing this service, the company must advance sufficient resources and resources. The solution to overcome this is to try to control this implementation by conducting meetings with senior management to effectively implement the changes that have occurred.

It  can be concluded that the execution  of these services is one of the solutions to improve the quality of business in this digital era while increasing operations. Therefore, using this idea can optimize the company by spending as little and low as possible costs to make the company work effectively.

In order to achieve sustainable profitability, especially in the long term of the company, of course, it is necessary to think of a strategy to optimize a work within the company for a fixed profit. The company needs the company to allocate a stake to improve the overall performance of the company. This is why the implementation of a shared service center  has played a major role in securing and verifying the above.

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